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Mission and Purpose

FNTG is an alliance of grantmakers committed to building just and sustainable communities around the world.

FNTG provides a space for collaboration across issues and funding strategies among domestic and international grantmakers who recognize the global and systemic nature of the challenges confronting us. Within the context of key social, economic and ecological issues of the day, FNTG members organize briefings, delegations, work groups, research and other activities in collaboration with civil society allies, to strengthen organizing and advocacy locally and globally.

Through these efforts, FNTG seeks to empower funders to more effectively support the transformation of the global economy into one that fosters a just, responsible and sustainable world.

Funder Letter to the Philanthropic Community
February 18, 2010 – FNTG
Why We Support the U.S. Social Forum Process

EU climate chief: ‘No climate deal likely before 2012′
BRUSSELS – Global divisions on climate are so acute that a binding UN deal is unlikely for almost another two years, Europe’s new climate commissioner believes. Go…

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After Copenhagen, the Way Forward
Honduras: Unsolved matters
Stop private firms exploiting poor states
Statement of Climate Justice Now! on the outcomes of the COP15

The Funder Directory contains a searchable listing of funders in the areas of trade and globalization. Register today to be included in the directory.

Gulf Coast Fund for Community Renewal and Ecological Health
CASA-Center for Socio-Environmental Support
Women Donors Network

Civil Society Groups
Organizations can register for the Directory of Civil Society Groups. Funders will be able to view organizations by issue area and see your projects.

Youth Partnership for Peace and Development
International Accountability Project
WISPIRG Foundation