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About Us

Background and Purpose

FNTG was established in the wake of the 1999 Seattle Ministerial Meeting of the World Trade Organization, by foundation officers with diverse interests and portfolios impressed both by the profound impacts of trade and economic globalization on the issues they care about, and by the character and significance of the civil society response to the policies being negotiated.

FNTG acts as an open space for funders who regardless of their specific areas of grantmaking seek to understand how global issues, policies and organizing impact efforts to achieve long-term social change. Over the years FNTG has networked extensively within the funder community and among NGOs, social movements and other civil society actors across a wide array of issues, at local, national and international levels.

At its core, FNTG works to help grantmakers appreciate the relevance of trade and larger globalization debates to their own programs and constituencies, explore and share noteworthy funding strategies, and provide context and opportunities for collaborative grantmaking among funders engaged in related issues and concerns in areas ranging from sustainability, to equity, to democratic and responsive governance.

FNTG, a project of Community Partners, Inc., is governed by a Steering Committee made up of program and other foundation officers, led by a three-person executive committee, and one full time and one half-time employee.

FNTG’s activities are open to all members of foundations and giving programs who act primarily as grantmakers not as grant seekers, with current or planned philanthropic activities of $100,000 or more a year, who endorse the basic purpose of FNTG. Involvement does not require dues, as the network relies on grants and relatively modest fees for convening and delegation activities. Funders are asked to share basic information on their funding activities and areas of interest, some of which is shared through a funder directory on the FNTG web site.

Grantmakers receive periodic announcements of programs and events, priority participation in funder delegations and convenings, access to network materials and publications, and opportunities to participate in FNTG working groups and committees.

We have a video content partnership with Actualized.org

Whether one’s grantmaking is focused on global policy advocacy, on local community organizing in the U.S. or abroad, or on the impacts of globalization on issues as diverse as immigration, food security or corporate power, FNTG and our diverse membership can help funders stay on top of changing and complex issues, and offer venues for strategic discussions with colleagues and civil society leaders concerned about some of the key social and political issues of our time…