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Programs and Services

Core Program

FNTG serves as a progressive space within philanthropy for dialogue, learning and strategic collaboration among grantmakers seeking to better understand the relevance of global policies to their programs and constituencies.  Programs currently center around four overlapping areas of work:

  • Global Economy

Economic policy, trade, finance flows and financial governance

  • Global Ecology

Ecological crisis and issues of equity within climate policy debates

  • Global Resources

Resource rights struggles, corporate accountability

  • Global Organizing

Transnational networks and alliances, social forums, movement-building

In each of these areas, FNTG works in partnership with networks and coalitions that that bring together community-based organizations, policy-focused NGOs and social movements by supporting research, case studies and other educational efforts that develop our analysis and help shift resources towards deeper systemic change.

Special Initiatives

F/M Process
: Within the area of global organizing, FNTG’s For Funders, With Movementsprocess creates dialogue and learning to increase philanthropic resources devoted to building social justice movements and power, and developing new forms of collaboration between funders and social movement actors based on mutual trust and accountability.

Online Directories: Organized around 15 core issues, FNTG’s directories links grantmakers to colleagues working in similar areas, as well as to civil society organizations, networks and global economic institutions around the world. Information in these directories shows how the rules that regulate economic relations are developed and enforced, and shows how 30 key global economic institutions impact each of the issues funders care about  They also showcase dozens of regional and international networks addressing global problems and policies, and highlights funders and CSOs working to strengthen transnational alliances and networks.

Ongoing Activities

Funder Briefings:  FNTG’s working groups convene funders periodically to develop collaboration and strategic thinking, and broader discussions with key civil society groups in the U.S. and around the world.  Briefings may be organized around new areas on which groups are coalescing, to keep funders and grantees abreast of new issues and opportunities. They sometimes take the form of organizing coalitions or groups working on related issues for a joint briefing for interested foundations.  The aim of these efforts are to help CSOs keep funders up to date on new and breaking issues relevant to their work.

Delegations: To deepen understanding of global issues and processes, FNTG sometimes organizes funder delegations and briefings around key international events as well. These have included funder delegations to WTO Ministerial meetings, to the UNFCCC Council of Parties, or to gatherings of the US and World Social Forums.

Conference Calls
: FNTG’s funder call series provides a space for discussion of ongoing initiatives or key issues of interest to the wider funder community.  Calls are organized on the 3rd Thursday of each month, at 11 am Pacific/2 pm Eastern.  Upcoming calls can be found here [link]

FNTG/Update:  Our bimonthly online newsletter provides brief descriptions of upcoming events, work group activities and publications to help keep FNTG members and other funders informed of our work, and encourage involvement in our activities.

Publications & Web research: NGOs and funders using FNTG’s web site are encouraged to provide the network with relevant articles, studies, publications and web links, which are automatically integrated into the site’s searchable database, adding to the already important archive of publications and materials on globalization-related materials on the FNTG web site.

Networking and Information Sharing: FNTG also responds to requests and queries from individual funders (and, within its limited capacities, to CSOs) seeking information about funders working on their issues. In addition to postings to the website and information transmitted through the listserv described above, FNTG staff can share information about key proposals within the network, particularly proposals pertaining to areas in which specific network members have expressed particular interest.