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By Carolyn L. Deere


The Funders Network on Trade and Globalization (FNTG) is for grantmakers who care about issues of human rights, democracy, peace, social justice, and environmental sustainability. The starting point for this report, and for the FNTG, is that globalization matters to these issues. While each of our perspectives on globalization may differ, as grantmakers we share a common commitment to a more just and sustainable society. As a consequence, globalization and its impacts – good and bad – matter to all of us.

While many of the issues are complex, globalization is not impossible to get our heads around. This report is designed to:

  • Help grantmakers (program officers and board members) understand key issues of globalization;
  • Highlight how globalization is relevant to, and affects, grantmaking;
  • Provide an overview of the range of entry points available to grantmakers; and
  • Inform grantmakers about what other grantmakers are doing.

This report complements a vast array of existing materials on globalization produced by NGOs, think tanks, universities, community organizations and activists. It is not intended to be a consensus document. Instead, the Steering Committee of the FNTG asked Carolyn to synthesize perspectives and observations on the intersection of globalization and grantmaking that emerged from discussions among funders over the past year. The FNTG website hosts profiles of the funding strategies of different grant-makers, briefs on specific issues and links to resources, active organizations and other interested grantmakers.


August 2003 The Funders Network on Trade and Globalization