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The Americas is a hemisphere of migrants.  Virtually all countries in the Americas experience some form of migration.  The Summit will explore the connections between migration, development, and globalization, recognizing that the migration phenomenon cannot be separated from its political, economic and cultural context.  The summit is a collaborative project of hundreds of migrant-led groups whose members emigrated from the Americas and who now live in the United States, Europe or other countries in Latin America.   Organizers see the event as an exciting opportunity to expand the network of organized groups of Latin American migrants so they can play a more active role in building healthy communities, both in destination countries and in countries of origin.  Migrant leaders will use the Summit as a space to learn from each other and share innovative experiences in transnational civic participation, sustainable development, and successful organizing that is taking place in the Americas and Europe.

Although the Summit is designed as a venue where migrant voices will be featured, all are welcome. At least one delegation of African migrants has confirmed participation, with an eye toward possibly replicating the Summit with African diaspora groups.   The organizers welcome funder delegation members as full participants in all workshops.

The organizing committee has also requested that any interested foundation representatives participate in a hands-on workshop on fundraising and other institutional development strategies.