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Orientation briefings and optional site visits will be organized for funders on May 9 in Morelia, and the Summit itself will take place May 10-13. In addition to logistical support and briefings, funders will be able to exchange insights and experiences with other funders sharing similar interests and funding priorities.  By attending the Funders’ Delegation to the Summit, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Explore key factors linked to globalization that contribute to internal and external migration, from economic insecurities, civil strife and ecological disasters, to new dynamics such as better global communications and information flows, and faster and lower costs of transportation.
  • Learn about the many different forms of Latino and Caribbean migrant organizing taking place in the Americas and Europe.
  • Identify economic and political strategies for combating the root causes of migration and their impact on both sending and receiving communities.
  • Explore innovative programs aimed at improving life for immigrants and their families.
  • Discuss the merit and viability of building an international network of migrant organizations.
  • Examine the role of migrant organizations in developing new models for global citizenship and civic participation.
  • Identify and discuss a range of transnational issues that affect the wellbeing of immigrants, their families and their communities on both sides of the border, such as health care, education and employment.
  • Amplify and exchange lessons learned about collective remittances and the possibility of making such social investments a more effective tool for supporting equitable and sustainable local development.