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NameFord Foundation/Climate Change Responses that Strengthen Rural Communities
Web addresshttp://www.fordfound.org/issues/sustainable-development/our-focus
DescriptionThe majority of the world’s poor live in rural areas that face severe vulnerability to the threats posed by climate change. Effective land and resource management are key contributors to mitigation of climate change and at the same time form the basis for livelihoods of significant rural populations, particularly indigenous groups and ethnic minorities. The evolving international response to climate change is particularly relevant for the rural poor, because payments for environmental services provide potential new sources of income and benefits for poor rural families. At the same time, flawed policies can limit poor people’s access to the natural resources they depend on and can foster land speculation and conflict. To address these issues, we support research, advocacy, networking, communications and training activities to promote rural climate change policies that also meet the needs of poor rural families.
Areas of Fundinghuman, social and cultural rights (more than $1 million)
climate and energy (more than $1 million)