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Web addresswww.factservices.org
DescriptionOur mission is to help develop and sustain networks of community-based groups in the U.S. and France that educate, organize, and empower people to actively participate in developing public policies that directly affect their lives. FACT believes that the best way to address injustice and empower and support organized individuals is to make larger, long-term investments in a small number of grassroots organizations, and help them achieve financial and organizational stability by providing general operating support. In order to leverage our limited grant making dollars, we fund “clusters” of groups with shared values and political objectives and complimentary strategies. By pooling their resources and collaborating on analysis and campaigns, the groups are able to work together and have a greater collective effect. By supporting these strategic alliances, we believe that our funding will have greater impact.
Areas of Fundingeconomic security, livelihood issues and labor ($100,000 to $1 million)
environment and ecosystems (less than $100,000)
media and communications ($100,000 to $1 million)
climate and energy (less than $100,000)
active democratic participation ($100,000 to $1 million)