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Web addresswww.resistinc.org
DescriptionRESIST is a progressive foundation that supports grassroots organizing for peace, economic, social and environmental justice, and provides political education for social change activism.
Areas of Fundingtrade and trade-related issues (less than $100,000)
economic security, livelihood issues and labor (less than $100,000)
environment and ecosystems (less than $100,000)
agriculture and food security (less than $100,000)
education and culture (less than $100,000)
health (less than $100,000)
human, social and cultural rights (less than $100,000)
peace and human security (less than $100,000)
media and communications (less than $100,000)
corporate power/accountability (less than $100,000)
climate and energy (less than $100,000)
migration (less than $100,000)
water (less than $100,000)
active democratic participation (less than $100,000)