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NameMexico-US Solidarity Network
Web addresswww.mexicosolidarity.org
DescriptionThe Mexico Solidarity Network is composed of three integrated programs: – The Albany Park Autonomous Center is located in one of the most diverse urban communities in the US. The Center is organized and run by a community Junta that meets monthly. We offer a range of educational opportunities that address community needs, including immigrant rights workshops, ESL classes, computer classes, alternative medicine classes, and more. A women’s cleaning cooperative is organized out of the center. In 2010 we will launch a bilingual adult high school for Latino immigrants. – Our international solidarity work includes organic relationships with community based organizations in Mexico, including urban housing movements in Mexico City, campesino movements in Tlaxcala, families of femicide victims in Ciudad Juarez and indigenous movements in Chiapas. We maintain strong relationships with women’s artisan cooperatives in Chiapas through our Alternative Economy program. And we host fifteen social actors from Mexico each year who conduct workshops on contemporary topics at US universities and community organizations. – Our international education programs include study and research opportunities for university students focused on the theory, practice and context of social movements. Our 6-week Summer and 14-week Spring and Fall programs are accredited by the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana in Mexico City, the State University of New York (SUNY) system, Hampshire College, New Mexico State University and more than 90 other US universities. In 2010 we will launch a bi-national masters program in two areas – social movement theory and practice, and popular education. The programs will be located in our community center in Chicago and a housing cooperative organized by the Frente Popular Francisco Villa Independiente in Mexico City.
Areas of Workeconomic security, livelihood issues and labor
education and culture
human, social and cultural rights