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Web addresshttp://enlaceintl.org/
DescriptionFounded in 1998, Enlace is a strategic alliance of unions, workers centers, and other groups in the U.S. and Mexico, organizing low-wage workers for economic and social justice. Enlace provides a connection among our members and ally groups in order to enhance the work they do by providing space for mutual support, sharing experiences, and evolving best practices. Enlace uses an integrated approach to organizing which involves creating unique campaign strategies while developing systems that strengthen organizations internally and builds alliances locally, nationally, and internationally. In the spring of 2009 Enlace launched the Enlace Institute to advance the field of strategic organizational development and to develop peer trainers within Enlace member organizations and close allies who can become a resource to their own groups as well as to the social and economic justice movement overall. The Institute provides trainings and strategic planning consultation to organizations of low-wage workers to develop disciplined, mutually accountable teams who continually improve the work of the organizations for their constituencies. The Enlace Institute helps them develop the expertise to make continual internal improvements, evaluate their work and plan effective campaigns that empower the working poor in the face of plant closures, hostile legislative and ballot initiatives, raids by ICE, vigilante-style violence against immigrants, diminished access to human services and abusive employers.
Areas of Workeconomic security, livelihood issues and labor
corporate power/accountability